Screenplays for Film

Consult and/or write Screenplays, Loglines, treatments and synopsis. Help you evaluate if your project makes a good film and how to market to managers, agents and producers once complete

Film & TV Production

Leverage three decades of production experience to assist with all aspects of production: budgeting, hiring, scripting, business plans and more.

Author/Ghost Writer

Consult and/or ghost write and publish books with an emphasis on non-fiction, in particular memoirs, bios, historical, and those projects that make good motion pictures.

Television Writer

Consult and/or write television and video scripts with a special emphasis on talk show or live show production.

Broadcast Writing

Create and write content for radio, television and podcasting. Research and write given the time constraints of live production.

Magazine/Blog Features

Create compelling content for magazines, blog posts and all forms of digital and print media.

Corporate Brochures

Provide content, research and editing for B2B or B2C corporate documents. Assist with design elements and evaluate based on target audience.

Miscellaneous Writing

Press Releases, Media Kits, Newsletters, Website, RFPs, Business Plans, Social Media, Speech, Pitch Decks and more.


Feature film writing, film and television production, book publishing, travel and tourism, business plan development, script evaluation, podcasting.

For pricing on your individual project send an email to [email protected] to schedule an appointment. In the email please provide as much information as possible to help us evaluate your needs and make recommendations.