TripCast360 Podcast Enjoys Successful Second Season

it's all about travel, Tourism and entertainment

LAS VEGAS, Sept 21, 2021 – /PRNewswire/ — The TripCast360 podcast is now in season two of their lively banter about travel, tourism, and entertainment. Hosted by travel and entertainment industry veterans Michael Gordon Bennett and David Cumberbatch, this podcast is easily one of the best around.

TripCast360 is an energetic and entertaining podcast designed to be informative and illicit laugher from their guests and listeners. They don’t take themselves too seriously which is part of the charm.

“Travel is more than a plane ride or selecting from thousands of hotels. Travel should be first and foremost fun. Too often people get hung up on the process and forget to step back and enjoy the journey,” says Bennett. “Even the planning process can be fun if approached the right way.”

“Our podcasts are not interviews they are conversations built on fun,” says Cumberbatch. “All too often when people speak about travel destinations, they discuss it in tones that make most of us fall asleep. That’s definitely not us.”

The idea to combine travel with Hollywood entertainment just made sense to this dynamic duo. Travel affects all our lives in ways many of us don’t realize. Motion pictures are filmed in destinations all over the world. Music concerts are global. Sporting events, such as the recently completely Olympics in Tokyo are in the world’s hottest travel destinations.

Produced in collaboration with 727 Squared, TripCast360 has interviewed destination operators (Morocco, Peru to name a few), musicians, comedians, digital nomads, an army general, hoteliers, photographers, bloggers, authors, foodies, and everyday ordinary people with great stories to tell. Through their podcast the team has traveled from the Maldives to the Galapagos Islands, Greece to Copenhagen to Kenya.

Cumberbatch believes, “no subject matter is off limits provided we find a travel angle.” Case in point, they recently discussed Ganja Vacations (August 9, 2021) in Jamaica.

This unlikely duo met at the airport in Bermuda back in 2006, long before anyone knew about podcasting and have remained friends ever since despite the distance. Cumberbatch is New York based and Bennett splits his time between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Cumberbatch, a Barbados native (our guests and listeners love his accent) has over 20 years in Digital Media Marketing with deep travel industry experience helping corporations, countries and NGOs drive online visibility and generate leads that have resulted in new business. He epitomizes the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth.

Bennett, who has forged a career in both travel and entertainment. One of his previous positions was Senior Producer and manager at the Travel Channel. He’s also been a TV host, author, worked in both television and radio news, sat on numerous travel and tourism boards at the organizational and national level.

New episodes of TripCast360 are available every Monday on their website, and podcast platforms such as Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon and iHeartRadio.

SOURCE: TripCast360 & 727 Squared, Inc

CONTACT: To be a guest on TripCast360 or to interview Michael and David send an email to [email protected].