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WWII Drama

Destination Unknown

Destination Unknown is the story of a traumatized 17-year-old WWII volunteer who joins the Army to escape the clutches of the Klan only to find an equally insidious foe with that threatens to thwart his segregated battalion’s critical D-Day mission. It’s MEN OF HONOR meets RED TAILS. 

Based on a true story, the screenplay, written by Michael Gordon Bennett, has received numerous accolades from several screenplay competitions to include: the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, the Big Apple Film Festival and the Austin Film Festival. 

“I didn’t even know what a barrage balloon was when I started this project. My cousin brought the story of the 320th Barrage Balloon Battalion to my attention, and I couldn’t stop researching,” says Michael Gordon Bennett. “One of the characters in this film is actually a relative. As a veteran myself, along with being the son and grandson of a Vet, I appreciate the sacrifice of so many before me.”

The heroics of the 320th deserves to be known by all, not just because it’s a good story, but much of their exploits have been minimized or wiped from their rightful place in military history. 

Rhythm Village Feature
Children's Programming

Rhythm Village Kids

Rhythm Village Kids (RVK) is a children’s television series combining the educational value of Sesame Street with the nurturing nature of Mister Rogers and a bit of the visceral live the action of Xuxa and old school and comedic style writing of The Little Rascals — RVK is where these all come together in a compelling blend; in a word, “edutainment.” 

“Mr. K,” whom some have described as Cab Calloway meets Mr. Rogers is surrounded by a talented ensemble of mostly kids – for whom he represents the village maestro and grio – and is often sought out for his avuncular wisdom, especially when these same kids are confronting problem situations.